Do You Collaborate With Realtors?

Absolutely. We recognize the value realtors bring, especially those catering to discerning clients who demand nothing but the best. Our commission program for realtors is designed to reward your dedication generously.

Commission Structure

Realtors are eligible for a 3% commission on the direct construction costs of referred clients’ homes.


This commission is calculated based on the expenses for land, materials, and labor. It excludes “soft” costs such as property taxes, sales taxes, loan fees, and any fees charged by Encanto Custom Homes, LLC.


If the land is independently owned or acquired outside of Encanto Custom Homes, LLC, it will not factor into the commission’s computation.

Commission Payment Timing

If your client chooses to work with us, you’ll earn your commission at loan closing. Should the client go for construction financing or installment payments, the commission will be processed within 30 days of the second construction draw.

Commission Rules

Our program is specifically designed for new, ground-up construction projects. To qualify for a commission, the client must have an active contract with Encanto Custom Homes, LLC.

To ensure you’re credited for your referrals, register your clients prior to their first visit and accompany them to their initial meeting with us.


For the referring realtor to earn a commission, Encanto Custom Homes, LLC should commence the construction of the referred client’s home within six (6) months of registration with us.


The referring realtor and their broker MUST hold an active license in the state where the construction takes place at the time of client registration.


If multiple realtors introduce the same client, the commission will be awarded to the realtor directly influencing the client’s decision to contract with us.

Commission Program Updates

Please note that Encanto Custom Homes, LLC reserves the right to amend or terminate this commission program at any given time. The determination of eligibility is solely at the discretion of Encanto Custom Homes, LLC.

Clicking ‘Register’ and filling out our referral form signifies your agreement to the 

Encanto Custom Homes, LLC Realtor Commission Program.